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a. Plastic Drops and Containers
 -- PP Containers #5, #2 and PP Drop bottles #4 and #3 for Peppermints
#4 4ml with PE tip and PP cap
#4-E 5ml swivel bottle with flip top cap
#3 3ml with PE tip and PP cap
#5 width 33.5X long 45.3mm
#5A width 30.4X long 46.9mm
#5C width 34X long 91.9mm
#5B width 33.3X long 48mm
#2 width 47.7X long 78mm
b. Automobile Fragrance Fans
 The colors of the fans can be made as per your requirements.
Sizes: Width - "W", Height - "H", Thickness - "T"
(For AF-01/02/04/05/06, there is a plastic clip to be equipped. Please refer to AF-00)
a. AF-01 W: 45mm, H: 75mm, T: 38mm
b. AF-02 W: 45mm, H: 75mm, T: 38mm
c. AF-03 dia.50mm, T: 24mm
d. AF-04 W: 50mm, H: 66.5mm, T: 20.5mm
e. AF-05 W: 70.3mm, H: 69.6mm, T: 19mm
f. AF-06 W: 40mm, H: 79.6mm, T: 20mm
g. AF-07 dia.63mm, T: 20.5mm h. AF-08 PVC bottle 10ml Neck:13/410 with PP cap+PE liner

c. Plastic and Metal Jars

Different jars can be made as per your samples or drawings.
- PJ-01 PP container 7grs. 32/400 in double-wall bottle 
  size: dia.35mmXheight 27.5mm
- PJ-02 PP container 30grs. 48/400 with a lid  
  size: dia.57mmXheight 42mm
- PJ-03 PP container 40grs. 54/400 with a lid  
  size: dia.55mmXheight 39mm
- PJ-04 PP container 50grs. 53/400 with a lid   
  size: dia.55mmXheight 39mm
- PJ-05 PP container 45grs. 56/400 with a lid  
  size: dia.58mmXheight 42mm
- PJ-06 PP container 100grs. 63/400 with a lid   
  size: dia.63.5mmXheight 60mm
- PJ-07 PP container 100grs. 66/400 with a flip cap+lid  
  size: dia.68mmXheight 55.5mm
- PJ-08 PP container 110grs. 62/400 with a lid
  size: dia.63mmXheight 55mm
- PJ-09 PP jar 200grs. 83/400 in single-wall
  size: dia.85mmXheight 53mm
- PJ-10 PP double-wall container 226grs. in cone shape 87/400 
  size: dia.85~95mmXheight 64mm

- PJ-11 PP container 18grs. 47/400 double-wall with the ring for snap-on cap  
  size: dia.52-53mmXheight 18mm
  “01”- the ring to be screwed on the bottle’s neck,to be used for filling process,just push down the cap on the 
        ring,it is snap-on,to save more assembling costs than by screw-on;
  “02” – it is easier for the consumers to screw the cap with the ring off or on the bottle.

- PJ-12 PP container 80grs. 77/400 in single-wall 
  size: dia.80mmXheight 32.5mm

- PJ-13 Acrylic double-end containers in clear and frosted finish 6X2grs. with ABS connecting ring+2 PE liners   
  size: dia.46.6mmXheight 24.3mm

Please note: PJ-11 and PJ-13 are specially manufactured for one of our customers,not for sales,just for your references.
- PJ-16 PET jar 100grs. 69/400 with the PP cap smooth 
  size: dia.74mmXheight 39.5mm
- PJ-17 PET jar 150grs. 60/400 with the PP cap ribbed  
  size: dia.63mmXheight 57mm
- PJ-18 PET jar 200grs. 70/400 with the PP cap smooth  
  size: dia.75mmXheight 64.6mm
- PJ-19 PET jar 250grs. 70/400 with the PP cap ribbed
  size: dia.72.4mmXheight 79mm
- AJ-01 Acrylic rhombic shaped jar 30grs. 46/400 with inner PP tank+lid UV coated ABS cap  
  size: dia.55mmXheight 48mm
- AJ-02 Acrylic rhombic shaped jar 50grs. 54/400 with inner PP tank+lid UV coated ABS cap
  size: dia.64.6mmXheight 53mm
- AJ-03 Acrylic rhombic shaped jar 50grs. 54/400 with inner PP tank+lid UV coated ABS cap/inner acrylic container
  size: dia.64.6mmXheight 53mm
- MJ-01 20grs. 35/400 Metal Sheathed
- MJ-02 30grs. 42/400 Metal Sheathed
- MJ-03 50grs. 53/400 Metal sheathed


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